Islamic Society at the University of South Australia (ISUniSA) is a not-for-profit volunteer initiative. It was founded in 1991, the same year UniSA emerged. ISUniSA is registered under USASA Inc. UniSA. Grown from just a few members, it has flourished into a modern community that upholds the high moral and spiritual values of Islam.

ISUniSA is dedicated to look after the various needs of Muslim students and staff on campus. As a religious society with large population, we are entrusted by the university with good facilities (such as the prayer rooms) to help cater our daily worship needs. These facilities have encouraged scores of Muslim staff and students to be more active and receptive to Islam. Each campus is facilitated with a dedicated male and a female prayer room. To find your nearest prayer room, please check our location link or alternatively check your campus map. Please frequent the venues for your obligations. Your attendance is as much important as the provision of the facility.

ISUniSA take responsibility for holding events and activities that cater Muslims as well as non-Muslims observing Islamic values and culture. The aim of the initiative is to help Australian as well as international Muslim staff and students to connect with the community and society, in an atmosphere that adheres to their faith and values.

ISUniSA also aims at promoting inter-faith understanding between the people of different faiths and belief systems in an academic spirit. You are welcome to browse the various links at our website. This should cater your first quest.

Please feel free to contact us should you have a question.

Email: contact@isunisa.com.au

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ISUniSA

Membership: www.isunisa.com.au/membership